Ethno Global Worship Experience

Shakaba Global Family Ethno Global Worship Experience

Five nations, various cultures, unique musical styles – this was the Shakaba Gobal Family ethnographic Global Worship experience.


Freedom | LIVEUNIQ

Are you truly free? What’s the difference between being free as an American and free as a Christian? Let’s find out.

Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror | IXUS

David W. Dussault, one of the founding members of the Shakaba Global Family, shares a powerful message on the need to face who we really are and call on Jesus to make us more like Him.

Commanded to Love

Commanded to Love | IXUS

Commanded to Love challenges us to search our heart and honestly ask if we’re living out God’s great expectation that love our neighbor.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit | IXUS

Everything in God’s Kingdom on earth happens through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it’s up to us to get to know him as intimately as possible.

What is the Kingdom?

An enlightening conversation with world reknowned Bible teacher, Noel Cromhout, on what the Kingdom of God is like. He answers questions on how it functions and what kind of an impact it makes on our lives.