What is Shakaba

We are a global network of like minded leaders focused on enabling new leaders for our new century.  We are a New Wineskin: we are not a denomination, or a para-church organization. Our ethos is family. Our shared experience is encapsulated in three words: encourage, exchange and expand. We are a Kingdom Resource, Redeeming Destinies.

What is the Global Family

We are a relational network of friends from all over the globe with a similar spiritual DNA. We believe in the power of Biblical friendship and the maturity which comes from loving, serving and growing together. Our essence is dignity, respect and desiring the best for others. We enjoy one another’s company and celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.

Why do they exist

We believe it is necessary for Christians to work together on a global scale in order to fulfill Christ’s commandment to reach all people everywhere with the Good News of the Gospel. It is no longer possible to achieve this goal by denominations or churches working alone. We need new Kingdom leaders who are globally capable and connected.

How are you unique

In a word, Kingdom. We have five main focusses: Christ centered, Bible based, Spirit led, Kingdom minded and Globally scaled. Although we live locally, we think and serve globally. Our key filter is the Kingdom of God, and sharing His Kingdom with the Church and the world. We respect existing Church structures whilst a Kingdom, global perspective.

Who runs Shakaba

Shakaba is led by Lorenzo Agnes, and was born out of a need for a better way to identify, train, prepare and deploy leaders for God’s Kingdom. Frustrated with existing methods, he and several other leaders form around the globe devoted years to facilitating and connecting the kind of leaders who are now part of Shakaba – we call them Diamonds.

How do I join Shakaba

Lorenzo Agnes leads Shakaba and would invite you to join us either after meeting you or being recommended by one of our family members. Typically, once you experience Shakaba, you would know in your heart if you want to be a part of this vision. We are not concerned with numbers but look to have the right fit so everybody benefits. For more information, email us at lorenzoagnes@gmail.com