Global Kingdom Living Space


Shakaba was born our of a desire to see God’s Kingdom shared across the globe in all its fullness and power. Christians working together to reach billions of people with the Gospel. Identifying, developing, connecting and deploying Christ centered, Bible based, Spirit led, Kingdom minded and globally capable leaders who accomplish miraculous things for God’s glory.

Global Family

The Global Family is is the relational essence of Shakaba. We are a network of friends with similar Kingdom DNA who value the importance, beauty and power of true Biblical community. A wonderful mix of pastors, business people, artists, educators, missionaries, students and musicians, our essence is mutual respect and the joy in helping others express their God given uniqueness.


At Shakaba, we place great emphasis on discovering, polishing and utilizing what we call Diamonds: gifted leaders who have a Kingdom mindset and global perspective. We raise up new leaders for our new century, and then connect them in highly relational ways to form a powerful network of caring, capable and creative influencers working together to bring God’s Kingdom in new ways across the globe.


What defines us, in a word, is Kingdom. We are not a denomination, para-church ministry or a business. Our focus is God’s Kingdom and all its fullness. We are Christians with a love for God’s Kingdom and a strong desire to see it known across the globe. We are free from allegiance to any “brand”of Christianity and work with all of Christ’s true Church to fulfill His mandate on earth.