Ethno Global Worship Experience

Shakaba Global Family Ethno Global Worship Experience

Five nations, various cultures, unique musical styles – this was the Shakaba Gobal Family ethnographic Global Worship experience.

Commanded to Love

Commanded to Love | IXUS

Commanded to Love challenges us to search our heart and honestly ask if we’re living out God’s great expectation that love our neighbor.

Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit | IXUS

Everything in God’s Kingdom on earth happens through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, it’s up to us to get to know him as intimately as possible.

The Church’s Next Wave

The Church goes through seasons or waves in the unfolding of God’s great historical sweeps as he prepares the Church and the world for His Second Coming and eternal reign. We have entered the next wave of the Spirit which is the Kingdom wave. I am becoming convinced that this century, for the Church, is about the Kingdom. We will see a … Read More